Trident Metals

Welcome to Trident Metals, specialists in recycling aerospace alloys using our unique individual small batch melting and casting operation.

We have the facilities to cast 5kg ingots or 500kg sows in our own furnaces to suit the needs of the market place . We also trade in Titanium, Copper, Brass, Lead, Nickel alloys and Swarf. We sell our metals to the major markets in the UK and Europe.

Trident Metals – Core Principles

Whilst recycling provides considerable benefits for society, it can also create impacts for our employees, neighbours, customer-suppliers and the environment. Trident recognises the need to manage any impacts responsibly.

Corporate responsibility is integral to our business and what we stand for. Acting responsibly also helps us achieve our long-term goals.

At Trident, we constantly strive to maintain our position at the forefront of the industry, by delivering the right products in the right volumes on time, and continually enhancing our portfolio of environmentally progressive services.

Trident intends to build an increasingly sustainable and profitable business, whilst behaving as a good corporate citizen. Our goals are underpinned by six core values:

Our management systems and governance practices enable us to deliver on our promises. Which includes ensuring open dialogue, monitoring and managing risks, acting with integrity, being accountable for our actions, measuring, and constantly improving everything we do.

> Protecting People

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