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Welcome to Trident Metals, specialists in recycling aerospace alloys using our unique individual small batch melting and casting operation.

We have the facilities to cast 5kg ingots or 500kg sows in our own furnaces to suit the needs of the market place . We also trade in Titanium, Copper, Brass, Lead, Nickel alloys and Swarf. We sell our metals to the major markets in the UK and Europe.

Trident Metals – The Environment

Environmental issues are important to us and must be safeguarded and we contribute to the conservation of valuable new processes and energy savings methods where possible.

Be it the rapidly changing environment, diminishing natural resources or the increasing pressures of legislation, you can be safe in the knowledge that your metal waste is handled correctly and safely.

Respecting the environment:

At Trident, we are only too aware of the environmental challenges facing our business.

Protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution are essential considerations for a company whose core activities benefit the environment by reducing the impacts of mining and the energy-intensive refining of metal ores, conserving natural resources and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Using recycled metal saves up to 74% energy and 40% water consumption, reduces air pollution by about 86% and water pollution by 76%.

Our Environmental Policy together with our status as an ISO14001 registered company reflects our commitment to the protection of the environment.

Potential environmental impacts of major development projects are considered and managed, and efforts are underway to improve our performance on energy efficiency. As a recycling company, we recognise the environmental costs and benefits of waste reduction.

Trident strives to meet the environmental requirements laid down by the Environment Agency and manage any impacts that may arise from our activities.

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