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Welcome to Trident Metals, specialists in recycling aerospace alloys using our unique individual small batch melting and casting operation.

We have the facilities to cast 5kg ingots or 500kg sows in our own furnaces to suit the needs of the market place . We also trade in Titanium, Copper, Brass, Lead, Nickel alloys and Swarf. We sell our metals to the major markets in the UK and Europe.

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Stainless Steel Recycling

Stainless steel is technically defined as a ferrous alloy because of its iron base. Unlike iron in a steel product, stainless contains nickel that stabilizes, in almost all products; the magnetic property – alone, both nickel and iron are magnetic. Stainless is very popular for use in restaurant counters, restaurant equipment and cooking/eating utensils – this is because stainless does not contain pours that could harbour contamination. Another key ingredient in stainless that helps with the sanitary properties is chromium – also giving stainless the shiny appearance and the ability to protect the metal from water and air.

The price of stainless will usually be determined by amount of nickel in the product along with current iron and nickel spot prices (stock market). As with aluminium, stainless also has over 150 different alloyed types but only less than 20 are commonly mentioned in recycling – most often 304 and 316. The rarest and most expensive are monel and inconel series.



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