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Welcome to Trident Metals, specialists in recycling aerospace alloys using our unique individual small batch melting and casting operation.

We have the facilities to cast 5kg ingots or 500kg sows in our own furnaces to suit the needs of the market place . We also trade in Titanium, Copper, Brass, Lead, Nickel alloys and Swarf. We sell our metals to the major markets in the UK and Europe.

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How’s, what’s and where’s of recycling metals

Scrap metal is divided into two types: ferrous and nonferrous.

Ferrous scrap is scrap iron and steel. This includes scrap from old cars, household appliances, construction scraps, ships, and food packaging and other containers.

Nonferrous scrap metal is scrap metal other than iron and steel. Examples of nonferrous scrap include aluminium – including foil and cans, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, titanium, stainless steels, and precious metals. Although there is less nonferrous scrap than ferrous scrap, it is often worth more financially. Millions of tonnes of nonferrous scrap metal are recovered by processors and consumed by secondary smelters, refiners, ingot makers, fabricators, foundries, and other industries.

Steel scrap is essential in the process of making new steel and can be recycled indefinitely without losing its quality. Due to its magnetic properties it is easy to recover even from unsorted waste and residual waste.

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