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Welcome to Trident Metals, specialists in recycling aerospace alloys using our unique individual small batch melting and casting operation.

We have the facilities to cast 5kg ingots or 500kg sows in our own furnaces to suit the needs of the market place . We also trade in Titanium, Copper, Brass, Lead, Nickel alloys and Swarf. We sell our metals to the major markets in the UK and Europe.

Trident Metals – Materials – Copper

Copper is the third largest recycled metal in the world. Copper usage is rapidly expanding as more and more products contain computer and electronic components. Copper is used more often in a pure form than any other metal. Resistance to corrosion and its high conductivity in its pure form makes it suitable for electrical wiring, plumbing, heating and cooling pipe applications.

Common terms and information in recycling copper are given below.

Dry Bright Copper Wire is expected to be clean and pure. It is free from tarnish or any other impurities that keeps it from being “bright and shiny” in appearance.


Clean Copper Tube. This is usually copper pipe that has a “new appearance look” without any solder, paint or corrosion visible and no other foreign material. New copper pipe tarnished from just being old still may qualify.


Braizery. This is copper tube and strip that contains solder joints.


Clean Copper Cylinders. These are usually hot water or heating cylinders free from elements and fittings.


Copper radiator. These are usually a combination of copper and brass. The copper is the “fins” of the radiator but the rest usually is brass. These are being less commonly used in modern vehicles as aluminium radiator technology seems to be taking over in cooling an engine.



High grade Usually show in excess of 70% copper recovery.

Mixed cables Usually household type cable and similar recoverable copper approx. 50%.


Low Grade Usually small guage SWA cable yielding 25% copper and less.

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